Notley Autumn Duathlon Race Instructions

If you’re entered for our Notley Autumn Duathlon you will be needing to read the race instructions which are here. Notley Duathlon Autumn 2014

Please use the contact us form on the Join Us Page if you have any queries. Enjoy your race!

News: 21st September 2014

Firstly, thanks everybody for your understanding about the cancellation of the bike ride on Saturday. Such a shame but we always have to think about safety and with the rain, it was just not safe to take out the group.

Let’s hope that next Saturday it will be back to normal, but as we all know, as the winter months draw closer, there is more chance of the rides being cancelled so please remember to keep your eyes peeled for emails and FB messages if you are unsure.


Rick and Nat Shaw have been doing lots of 70.3 Ironman branded events across Europe, their most recent at Mont Tremblant.  The highlight of the event for Rick was having his picture taken with somebody….. see if you can guess who…..

Rik Shaw pic


Andy Moore has been busy and took part in Challenge Weymouth half last weekend.  Andy’s comment were that it is a great race, with a hard swim in the sea, but managed to have a good result ending up 9th in his age group (he didnt clarify what age group this was though !!!).  Andy says that it is a good race for people who want to step up to a tough half iron man distance.


Our Club Championships had a good turn out from the members, thank you.  And also a big thank you to those on the sidelines who cheered everybody on.  The results are as below, thanks Dave Wilkin for this, much appreciated.  Well done to everybody – seems that we had a good haul of the trophies!!



Mark Bailey Winner M40+ And Bike and Swim
Paul Spowage Winner Run
Alex Shanahan Winner M18+
Michael Norton Winner T2
Lee Pembroke Winner T1 (Same as Mark Bailey, but he’s won a prize)
Samantha Gurden Winner F40+
Kelly Sharp Winner F18+

Donald Barber who came first in his age group in Sundays Dunmow Tri


Name Cat Time Swim T1 Bike T2 Run
Mark Bailey M40-44 01:08:21 07:37 00:34 38:16:00 00:36 21:16
Paul Spowage M50-54 01:12:14 09:38 00:51 40:51:00 00:42 20:10
Alex Shanahan M25-29 01:15:46 07:59 00:40 44:40:00 00:27 21:58
Matthew Finch M40-44 01:16:35 10:17 00:49 42:29:00 00:40 22:19
Michael Norton M50-54 01:17:53 08:49 00:36 44:57:00 00:22 23:07
Andy Lawrence M45-49 01:18:19 09:41 00:54 42:56:00 00:46 24:01:00
Lee Pembroke M40-44 01:20:45 09:32 00:34 46:12:00 00:30 23:55
Steve Caulfield 01:21:33 10:07 00:47 44:07:00 00:42 25:48:00
Steve Powell M45-49 01:22:30 09:15 01:16 43:31:00 01:11 27:15:00
Terry Stroud M50-54 01:23:52 09:48 01:00 45:08:00 00:53 27:01:00
Mike Cotterill M50-54 01:24:03 10:09 01:14 46:25:00 01:06 25:07:00
Samantha Gurden F40-44 01:33:31 10:36 00:56 50:04:00 01:29 30:24:00
Nick Carey M45-49 01:34:21 12:40 01:42 51:54:00 01:06 26:56:00
Kelly Sharp F35-39 01:38:03 11:43 00:48 53:45:00 00:50 30:56:00

Many Thanks to Dave Wilkin for the above

Social activities 

Thanks for Ollie Caulfield for providing the venue for the BBQ, was a good turnout of members.  Thanks.

Don’t forget Christmas Party.  Contact Sam if you are interested.  Still places available.

Hiring Equipment

Some of you may not know but the Club has some equipment that it hires out to members.

The following equipment is available, please contact a member of the committee if you are interested in hiring anything to help with your training.

4 road bikes – various sizes

4 turbo trainers

5 wetsuits – various sizes

2 bike boxes – these cost £25 to hire / wk to cover wear and tear

A whole variety of swim aids…..

New Training News -

The Club is now offering technical swim coaching sessions at Freeport swim pool on Friday evenings for members only at a cost of £3 per hour.  BARGAIN!  We have one lane reserved for 2 hours, 8 – 9pm and 9 – 10pm.  We are offering one hour sessions for 2 week blocks starting on Friday, 3rd October with maximum of 4 people in the lane. A chance to improve swim technique and save energy plus vital time in the first discipline.

Remedial Massage

As triathletes we are always fretting about injuries and trying to train just right to avoid them. Some of this is a bit hit and miss however remedial massage therapist Clare Lees is here to help. Clare has an impressive list of qualifications including:

Clare has raced at a national level and worked at cycling camps in Europe as well as the UK so knows her stuff and at £40 for the firsr consultation and £45 per consultation thereafter is much cheaper than climbing the walls with an injury! You can read more at Claire’s Website.


Triathlon England Membership

One of the questions we get asked a lot is why should I join Triathlon England? Well wonder no more here’s the full list of benefits available to TE members:

Individual Member Benefits

Exclusive Discounts and Deals

Join now here


Born2Tri Races 2014

All the Born2Tri races were released for entries on Boxing Day and can be found on Entry Central.  They are:

Born2Tri always has an excellent response from our members to help at the races but remember if you are entering a Born2Tri event you should volunteer at another, without helpers these races cannot go ahead.

Braintree District Triathlon Results Now Final!

Final results from our race on 1st June are now available. Braintree Final Results 2014 Braintree Final Relay Results 2014 These results have been provided by Black Sheep Sports Timing and our thanks to them for stepping in at such short notice. We look forward to seeing them again at our Gosfield Triathlon.

Is Your First Triathlon Going to be an Ironman?

Level 3 Coach Teresa looks at the phenomenon of first time triathletes going long distance.

There seems to be a trend to rush into doing an Ironman distance race with very little or no experience of racing triathlon at all. Why is this trend growing? More and more IM’s are being put on locally and around the world or similar and yet entry fees can cost phenomenal amounts of money and yet mass participation is increasing. What is the attraction and why do so many approach these races with very little training or simply not enough knowledge of what it takes to complete one?

Do they decide to attempt one because they see their fellow team mates completing them, do they want the glory to join this exclusive club or simply want the tattoo?

Many fall to the wayside like their marathon counterparts with the attitude “been there, got the t shirt” or get injured badly, never to race again. On the other hand, many will simply get bitten by the bug and go on to complete many more.

Do most people think this type of distance race is Continue Reading…

Redbridge Cycle Training

Born2Tri Coach Phil Smith has kindly put together this video showing our last specialist cycle training session at the Redbridge Cycling Centre. As we have another session coming up this is a good insight into the day and what’s involved. All the feedback we received was positive which is great and a huge thanks to our coaches who gave up their day to make it happen.