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If you’re racing our Notley Spring Duathlon or our Braintree District Triathlon then you will need to be reading the race instructions which are available as below:

Notley Duathlon

Braintree District Triathlon

If you have any questions having read the relevant instructions you can contact us here. Please do check though that you question is not covered before asking!

We hope you enjoy your race!

News: 13th April 2014

London Marathon

Congratulations to James Benson who completed the London Marathon today in a shade over 4hrs 58 minutes made all the more amazing as this is his second marathon in three weeks having completed the Rome event, with David Wilkin, as a  warm up! Well done James, enjoy a well earned rest.

Majorca Training Camp

Our level 3 coaches, Teresa, Mark and Peter are out in Majorca for the second week of what has now become our annual training camp in Majorca. With challenging hills, open water swims, great weather and expert coaching our training camp is now two weeks long with a changeover of members half way through the fortnight. What a great way to prepare for the coming season! Sessions do though continue as normal back home with swimming from 9-10 on Monday with Coaches, Phil, Benjamin and Jonathan leading.

Born2Tri Coached Run Sessions.

At the recent AGM, it was decided to re start the Coached Run sessions and there was a request for Hill as well as Track sessions. 

We will therefore to undertake sessions on a Wednesday evenings, moving the time forward to start at 7pm to 8pm. The venue will alternate between the Braintree Leisure Centre (Tabor Schoool), Melbourne Athletics Track in Chelmsford plus off road sessions at the Discover Centre at Gt. Notley and HylandsPark in Chelmsford.

The focus on these sessions will be speed/interval based training. Please do not be put off by speed/interval training. The sessions will be open to all abilities. A little encouragement to have that little extra push in a training session can benefit everyone.

These sessions will be coordinated by Coach Pete Bryan so if you would like further information please contact Pete here.

Open Water Swim Coaching 2014

Teresa and Mark are arranging another course for 24th and 25th May 2014.  It will be aimed at those new to open water swimming but will assist anyone developing their skills. 

We have hired the whole pool for a two hour indoor session with your club coaches in the Braintree Pool, where you can try out your wet suit and learn the open water techniques in the warm safe pool environment.  Having practiced the techniques we will all meet up again early the following morning to put them into practice in GosfieldLake.  It’s the perfect preparation for the open water race season and a great confidence builder.  This course was very successful in the past three years but we have to limit numbers to 20 for safety reasons. 

The cost will be £35 per person which includes your pool entry and lake entry fees.  As places are limited it’s on a first come first served basis, if you want to take part let Mark have a £10 deposit to secure your place.    

Trainee Born2Tri Ride Leaders Required

The Saturday bike rides are a popular activity undertaken by our Club. On many occasions some 20 to 30 members will assemble at Notley for a Saturday mornings cycle round the roads of Essex.

It is very pleasing to see so many of the riders out wearing Born2Tri clothing, making the group very identifiable.

At the recent AGM is was confirmed that the Saturday bike rides will be in groups of no more than 10 members. This is for mainly safety reasons, the roads in Essex being some of the most used and a large group of cyclists, is at best, a source of annoyance to the drivers of motor vehicles. With a more manageable group size it is easier to ensure that the group can stay together and no one will become separated or lost.

In order to ensure the safe and successful management of the groups we need members to be prepared to take a lead within the groups.

We are  therefore asking for volunteers to become identified Ride Group Leaders. It is intended for two Leaders to be allocated to each group. One leader to the front of the group, leading the ride. The second leader would be at the back of the group, providing warning of approaching vehicles from the rear and ensuring no rider becomes separated from the group.

It is hoped that there will be sufficient volunteers to initiate a roster system. A roster will allow the Leader duties to be shared, so that all will be able to enjoy riding within the Groups.

Volunteers are vital for the Club to maintain a safe environment for all our members.

Middle Distance Brick Session – Sunday April 27th

To assist your long distance training Mark has organised a middle distance brick session for the morning of Sunday 27th April.  This is not a race but race simulation to allow you to experience a long distance bike and run to test your preparation, hydration and nutrition without the cost or travel involved in going to a race.  

The start and transition will be based at Mark’s home in Great Notley where you will set up your run kit.  The bike will be a 56 mile ride, using a lapped course so you could do a shorter distance if it suited you.  The route will be clearly signed but not marshalled so some attention to your navigation will be required.  You will need to carry your food and hydration.

After the ride you will transition on to a 13m run through Gt Notley and Flitch Way, again it will be signed and we will get some water or your own bottle of energy drink out on the course.  As the Flitch Way section will be out and back you can choose exactly how far you go.  You will need to carry your food/gels.

The session will finish back at Mark’s house. You will choose the pace or exact distances you do, it can take all day if you wish.  Carry a mobile phone in case you need rescue though.

Let Mark know if you are interested, numbers will be restricted due to space and the opportunity will be offered to our long distance racers first then to the remainder of the club.

Spring Duathlon Volunteer Request

A seasonal plea from Bill Charters!

Hi all, in just over eight weeks’ time we will be running the Great Notley Spring Duathlon. Could all those who would like to help out at this year’s event please contact Bill (here).  Don’t forget that besides supporting the club and your fellow athletes there are further incentives for doing so this year.
Thanks Bill

Triathlon England Membership

One of the questions we get asked a lot is why should I join Triathlon England? Well wonder no more here’s the full list of benefits available to TE members:

Individual Member Benefits

Exclusive Discounts and Deals

Join now here


Born2Tri Races 2014

All the Born2Tri races were released for entries on Boxing Day and can be found on Entry Central.  They are:

As always we will be looking for volunteers to help us put on these events, so please add the dates to your diary.  Born2Tri always has an excellent response from our members to help at the races but remember if you are entering a Born2Tri event you should volunteer at another, without helpers these races cannot go ahead.

Notley Autumn Duathlon 2013-Results

Well done to everyone who completed our Notley Autumn Duathlon and with such glorious weather too. Provisional results are now available by following these links

Notley Autumn Duathlon 2013-Provisional Results

Notley Autumn Duathlon 2013-Provisional AG Results

Is Your First Triathlon Going to be an Ironman?

Head Coach Teresa looks at the phenomenon of first time triathletes going long distance.

There seems to be a trend to rush into doing an Ironman distance race with very little or no experience of racing triathlon at all. Why is this trend growing? More and more IM’s are being put on locally and around the world or similar and yet entry fees can cost phenomenal amounts of money and yet mass participation is increasing. What is the attraction and why do so many approach these races with very little training or simply not enough knowledge of what it takes to complete one?

Do they decide to attempt one because they see their fellow team mates completing them, do they want the glory to join this exclusive club or simply want the tattoo? 

Many fall to the wayside like their marathon counterparts with the attitude “been there, got the t shirt” or get injured badly, never to race again. On the other hand, many will simply get bitten by the bug and go on to complete many more.

 Do most people think this type of distance race is easily achieved with very little thought into their training time, nutrition, the impact on their family life and the general well being of their bodies?

I would compare it to having one driving lesson and then thinking you are ready to get a car and take it down the motorway, you really wouldn’t do it.  So why do so many people having experienced one Sprint or Olympic distance race jump straight into an Ironman?  They will have no endurance, no real experience of open water swimming, no transition training, very little knowledge of what it takes to fuel their bodies to get round, not realise the recovery required for these longer sessions and most of all the impact and resentment other members of their family will experience because they are hardly at home any more as they will be out training all the time.

I’m not saying its not possible or a bad thing to do, but what harm can it be to wait a little longer and gain this experience first.  Taking the time to gradually step up in distances is a good thing and learning from fellow triathletes is invaluable.   Enjoy the sport for a while and start with small goals which you can build upon.  The IM distance race is like a great wine, it needs time and nurturing before it’s at its best and then it can be celebrated and enjoyed.

Ironman Inspiration from Born2Tri Head Coach

Head Coach Teresa Harman has written a short piece describing her journey towards Ironman Austria on June 30th 2013. Teresa writes:

Why am I doing an Ironman?

I must be mad I hear you say,  I have to tend to agree with you.   The Ironman distance triathlon had always been a goal for someone else.  Someone much fitter and stronger than me and someone with a very strong mind to convince their body that they could get through this gruelling huge ask of oneself.    To date I had experienced plenty of Sprints, an Olympic distance and last year my first Half Ironman distance but that elusive club of Ironmen and women belonged to others and never in my wildest dreams did I think I would have the courage to sign up for one myself.

It was almost a year ago I sat at this computer and a little light went on in my head and a voice was telling me that maybe it was possible for me to complete an Ironman distance race.   I found myself at midnight waiting for Ironman Austria entries to open and within minutes signing up to one along with Mark for 2013.   That was back in June 2012, a whole year ago and which at the time seemed like plenty of time to get ready.   I sit here now with only days to go full of dread and anticipation but excitement too wondering if and how I will finish this race of a lifetime.

When the training began back in October 2012 I had no idea just how horrible our winter would be.  The short evenings and the cold winter months made training extremely hard and I often found myself not wanting to go out on long bike rides when the wind was howling, the rain was falling or the frost and ice was getting into your bones and freezing you to death.   I started with about 6 hours a week and I soon realised to complete an Ironman my training schedule would have to increase dramatically but gradually over time.  As many of you know, I teach fitness classes for a living so I soon realised that getting fitter would be all consuming and take over my life.   Over the months the training has increased to 18 hours a week at times and I have felt extremely guilty about not having any spare time to give to my children and grandchild.   I know they haven’t complained and have encouraged me all the way but I still have felt guilty but without their support and love the task of training so hard would have been so much more impossible.

You go through so many emotions during the year from absolute doubt to enormous highs when you have pushed yourself beyond what you thought you were capable of.   I have always suffered from not believing in myself and thinking that I would never be good enough.   You see, I am surrounded by triathletes who push themselves every day and make it look very easy, but deep down I have been scared to death.   Mark has been my greatest source of inspiration, I admire his strength and dedication and with his love and encouragement he has allowed me to reach a place that I do believe I can now do it.    He believes in me, always has, and he can see far beyond what I portray from the outside.   My real reason for putting myself through this is because I want to make him proud and my children too.   Why don’t you try something easier I hear you say well the Ironman race is the ultimate challenge for every triathlete and although I coach the sport and participate in it, I have never really seen myself as truly one of them.   

Perhaps very late on 30th June 2013 I will be crossing the line having just completed a  swim of 2.5 miles, rode 112 miles and eventually run/walked 26 miles,   my heart bursting with pride and tears streaming down my face with joy.   I look forward to hugging Mark at the finish knowing this will have been my greatest achievement and then celebrating with other friends, all of whom have worked extremely hard and without their own encouragement and belief, this would not have been possible.   I want to thank Mark, my girls, Shauna & Jessica and all my family and wonderful friends for continuing to believe in me and supporting me.   I do hope I can make you all proud and I hope I can inspire others to take up the challenge too.


Tri-Camp Mallorca 2013

When most of us were freezing and shivering in the snowy weather a group of club members set off the Mallorca for some warm climate training. For those of us who can’t remember temperatures in double digits this involved riding bikes in summer kit and swimming in the sea without catching hypothermia!

Club Chairman, Mark Harman, takes it from here…..

How can it still be snowing, early in the spring morning our Born2Tri team travelling out to our first Born2Tri Mallorca training camp gathered at Stansted Airport.  The snow was falling steadily outside as we nervously Continue Reading…