Born2Tri Races 2015: Now Live on EntryCentral!

Missed out on racing in a Born2Tri event in 2014 or like to come back and see if you can beat your 2014 time? if so then you’re in luck these are the dates you need to know.

Sunday April 26th – Notley Spring Duathlon

Sunday June 7th – Braintree Triathlon  Halstead – Sprint

Sunday 5th July – Gosfield Lake Triathlon – Sprint/Standard

Sunday 4th October – Notley Autumn Duathlon

Entries are open!

A Bit More News…..

Congratulations to Maurice Young (our duathlon age group world champion) who has qualifed for the European Championships in Holland and also to Richie Schofield from Cycles UK completing IM Barcelona in 14.17. Brilliant performances from both Maurice and Richie.

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Notley Autumn Duathlon 5th October 2014: Results

Well done if you took part in our last race of the season and of course a huge thank you to the small army of volunteers who worked very hard on both Saturday and Sunday to make it happen.

The all important race results are now available here Great Notley Autumn Duathlon Results 2014

Hope to see you all again in 2015.

News: 24th November 2014

Another great Club evening on Thursday night. Thanks to Pete, Steve and Stuart for running the session.

Pete was very helpful giving members info about training and when to do what!

There was also a discussion about a club training camp, if you would like to know more please contact Steve Powell.

CYCLING SESSIONS – Don’t Forget 7th December at 10.30am

Our coaches (Pete & Phil) are putting on some bike handling sessions to help with techniques for all standards and to help us bike in groups more efficiently.  They are well worth attending whether you are new to cycling or a seasoned road cyclist.  You are sure to learn something as well as have some fun!  These sessions are free for all members and £10 for non-members.

It will be held in a traffic free environment at Rayne Junior School and will be approximately 60 minutes in duration. The sessions will benefit riders of all standards, improving technique and handling at slow speed and confined circumstances.      

 The second session is Sunday, 25th January 2015 9am – 1pm at Redbridge Cycling Centre.

This is again a traffic free environment and will test you a bit more with some tight corners as well as hills.  Definitely worth attending!  More details will follow but put the date in your diary!

Top Tip from Head Coach Pete

With Christmas coming is it time for some new shoes?

It is said most running shoes will last between 300 and 500 miles which is, admittedly quite a range. Minimalist shoes and racing flats, since they have less material underfoot and are generally less durable, will typically last 200 to 400 miles. So how do you know if your shoes need replacing?

Look for the obvious signs of wear and tear, and listen to your body.  Begin by considering the outsole, the rubber part of the shoe that comes in contact with the ground. Over time, the tread of the outsole starts to wear away, just as tyres on a car eventually become bald, and you begin to lose grip on the ground below. This is the most obvious sign of wear and tear — but the outsole tells only part of the story. What is harder to see is what happens inside the shoe when you run, in the midsole, where the cushioning and support are housed. Every time your foot comes in contact with the ground, you compress that midsole area. It responds by absorbing the blow and returning energy to you as you begin the next stride. This process is repeated thousands of times during a run.

As you can imagine, the midsole becomes fatigued over the course of a couple miles and then needs time to rebound in between runs to return to its original, bouncy state. After a few hundred miles, however, the midsole breaks down to the point of no return. You can’t see this, but you can sure feel it in a sensation of “flatness” or “deadness.” The shoe doesn’t have the bounce that it once did. Little aches and pains begin to arise. You’re not injured, but your body is talking to you. It’s telling you that your shoes need changing. You should listen!

I’ll look forward to seeing sparkly trainers in January!

Training over the Christmas period

Swimming – The last swim session for 2014 will be Monday, 15th December 2014.  The Club will start back on Monday, 5th January 2015.

Cycling – The Club rides will continue over the Christmas period, but keep an eye out on Facebook / emails with updates on weather etc..

Running – The Sunday runs will continue, again keep an eye out on Facebook / emails for updates.

Remedial Massage

As triathletes we are always fretting about injuries and trying to train just right to avoid them. Some of this is a bit hit and miss however remedial massage therapist Clare Lees is here to help. Clare has an impressive list of qualifications including:

Clare has raced at a national level and worked at cycling camps in Europe as well as the UK so knows her stuff and at £40 for the firsr consultation and £45 per consultation thereafter is much cheaper than climbing the walls with an injury! You can read more at Claire’s Website.


Triathlon England Membership

One of the questions we get asked a lot is why should I join Triathlon England? Well wonder no more here’s the full list of benefits available to TE members:

Individual Member Benefits

Exclusive Discounts and Deals

Join now here


Braintree District Triathlon Results Now Final!

Final results from our race on 1st June are now available. Braintree Final Results 2014 Braintree Final Relay Results 2014 These results have been provided by Black Sheep Sports Timing and our thanks to them for stepping in at such short notice. We look forward to seeing them again at our Gosfield Triathlon.

Is Your First Triathlon Going to be an Ironman?

Level 3 Coach Teresa looks at the phenomenon of first time triathletes going long distance.

There seems to be a trend to rush into doing an Ironman distance race with very little or no experience of racing triathlon at all. Why is this trend growing? More and more IM’s are being put on locally and around the world or similar and yet entry fees can cost phenomenal amounts of money and yet mass participation is increasing. What is the attraction and why do so many approach these races with very little training or simply not enough knowledge of what it takes to complete one?

Do they decide to attempt one because they see their fellow team mates completing them, do they want the glory to join this exclusive club or simply want the tattoo?

Many fall to the wayside like their marathon counterparts with the attitude “been there, got the t shirt” or get injured badly, never to race again. On the other hand, many will simply get bitten by the bug and go on to complete many more.

Do most people think this type of distance race is Continue Reading…