Friday Night Swim Videos-3rd October 2014

Friday Night Swim 3-10-14 1 by Born2Tri

Friday Night Swim 3-10-14 2 by Born2Tri

Friday Night Swim 3-10-14 3 by Born2Tri

Friday Night Swim 3-10-14 4 by Born2Tri

Friday Night Swim 3-10-14 5 by Born2Tri

Friday Night Swim 3-10-14 6 by Born2Tri

Club Training

Born2Tri caters for all abilities and ages from 18-80+ (in fact our 80+ member is the world duathlon champion 2014 so he’s no slouch!) and our training sessions reflect this.

Monday: swim session at the Braintree Swimming Centre at Freeport in Braintree. 9-10 p.m. this is a coached session and as we hire all lanes we can cater for all abilities. As this is such a popular session though we do ask that you be able to swim 100 metres front crawl before attending. The cost is £3.00 for members (which is less than for a public swim) and £6.00 for non-members.

Thursday: (summer only) open water swim, run and social session at Tri-Farm near Boreham. Meeting at 6.00 p.m. you can do all three or just one. To ease the socialising they sell tea. coffee and cake!

Saturday: group bike rides led by one of our CTC trained ride leaders. These are split by speed and distance ranging from the beginners and improvers which is at the speed of the slowest rider and is a gradual programme to build up fitness, to 15-17 mph 25-35 miles and the 18mph+ group which rides from 30-60 miles depending on the time of year. Meet at the Discovery Centre in Great Notley Country Park for a 9.00 a.m. departure

Sunday: (winter only): coached trail running session meeting at the Discovery Centre for 9.00 a.m. for an hour of mixed terrain running.

All these sessions are for all abilities so you don’t have to be Jodie Stimpson on the Brownless brothers to come and join in!